Jazmine the Doula


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Greetings and thank you for allowing me to introduce myself.

My name is Jazmine Danielle and I am a full spectrum birth worker. I am from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but I call Oakland, CA home. I have lived and traveled all over the U.S. and am passionate about traveling the world and learning healing the nature of various healing practices.

It is an honor and a calling to witness and support my clients as the journey of pregnancy ends and the new journey of motherhood begins. My call to birth work came after shortly after I began my work as a crystal healer. My journey through this healing work provided me the opportunity to meet so many expecting families, mothers looking to become pregnant, and families experiencing loss. I found myself stepping into the role of a spiritual support person for these families but without the physical training. I received my official doula training in Oakland, California, under the guidance of Full Spectrum Birth Worker, Educator, Midwife, founder and CEO of Sumi’s Touch and half the team of Partera Midwifery, Sumayyah Franklin.

The training with Sumi’s Touch partnered with training through the International Doula Institute gave me the understanding of birth through both the traditional and Western medical lens. My understanding of systemic injustice in the medical system, especially that which most commonly impacts the black community, further motivated me to answer the call to birth work in the most traditional and informed manner possible. As a doula I provide physical, spiritual, and emotional support that is specific to the needs of the birthing person. This includes crystal healing, energy balancing, comfort techniques, and other ancestral modalities for healing and thriving.

I am here to be of service, no matter the setting or circumstance, my priority is YOU and how we can make your birth as close to your vision and plan as possible.