Crystal Care Instructions.png

Programming your crystals

Once cleansed and re-energized the crystals need to be programmed. You might want to smudge yourself and the space around you prior to doing this. Sit quietly in a space you are comfortable with. Formulate a specific intention clearly in your mind. focus your energy, intentions and thought on the crystal. Hold the stone, focus 100% on it and transmute your thoughts directly to the stone. Do this until you feel the process is complete. Let the stone spend time with you each day and use its energy.


Crystal Cleansing Methods

It is important to understand that gems and crystals are alive and intelligent and come from Mother Earth, just like human beings. Once removed from the earth they attract both positive and negative energy from everything around them which means that they need to be cleansed and energized on a regular basis. The methods listed below are both practical and effective. When cleansed, crystals are particularly helpful for the use of healing ourselves and others.

  • Sun, Moon, Stars: Simply place the crystals in a place where they will be completely exposed to the sun and moon and they will be cleansed within about 24 hours, If using this method allow an extra day for stones such as black tourmaline. Keep in mind that too much direct sun exposure can fade crystals such as amethyst.

  • The Earth: Place the crystals either directly in the earth or if you prefer inside of a natural fabric and leave again for 24 hours. Avoid earth that has been fertilized or has had pesticide application.

  • Smudging with White Sage: Light a white sage stick or loose leaf and when the flame takes hold blow it out so you just have the smoke remaining. Hold the crystal in the smoke for a few minutes. After cleansing expose to the sun or moon- through a window is okay- for a few hours to re-energize.

  • Running Water: Use this method only if you are able to access water from a natural spring, river etc. Never use tap water. Put the crystals in a small container for safe keeping and let the water gently cleanse them for a couple of hours.

  • Via another crystal: Use a large crystal cluster which must be regularly cleaned itself and place the small crystal on top of it for a few hours. This method will both cleanse and re-energize.

  • Intention/Visualization: Place the crystals in front of you and using your intention, focus, concentrate and ask the universe to cleanse and energize. Visualize a bright white light surrounding and cleansing your crystal. You may need to practice this method for some time before it (You) become fully effective.

Note: The information provided here is for you to use as you see fit, but it does not take the place of professional or medical advice. Crystals, gemstones and metals can accentuate, support, regulate, protect, encourage, strengthen and balance thereby promoting healing. Their effects can be extraordinary, but use the information in addition to medical advice, not as a substitute for medical care but as an enhancement to it. Balance in all things is the key to a healthy, happy and prosperous life.