Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite


Blue Calcite

·       Relaxation and soothing

·       Stimulates access to inspiration

·       Opens the inner avenue for conscious exploration

·       Enhances expression of insights one receives from inner explorations

Associated Chakra: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th)

Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties:

Blue calcite is a stone that is especially calming and soothing. Nearness of blue calcite is great for calming frayed nerves. Blue calcite in your environment can make you aware of needs for rest, which is the first step in helping you get the rest you need. Blue calcite also amplifies energy, particularly in the realms of communication and thought. Blue calcite is an excellent aid to communication. It fosters enlightened discussion, and eases communication between people with opposing views. It helps you express your views calmly and with tact. Blue calcite is also an enhancer of decision-making. It brings this quality to life through its ability to help you see more clearly what path will lead you to happiness.

Associated Chakra

Blue calcite is associated with the throat chakra.

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