7 Piece Chakra Necklace

7 Piece Chakra Necklace


 Chakra Necklace Crystals (for specific crystal requests please fill out the custom order request form.)

Clear Quartz

·       Programmability

·       Amplification of one’s intention

·       Magnification of ambient energies

·       Clearing

·       Cleansing

·       Healing

·       Memory enhancement

Associated Chakra: All chakras


·       Spiritual protection and purification

·       Curb overindulgence and rid of bad habits

·       Aid to meditation

·       Calms thoughts and moves them to higher consciousness

·       Clears negative influences and attachments

Associated Chakra: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)

Blue Howlite

·       Reduction of anxiety, tension, stress, and anger

·       Encourages emotional expression

·       Calms an overactive mind

·       Aids in reaching a higher state of consciousness

·       Opens the mind to receive higher energies

Associated Chakra: Throat (5th)

Rose Quartz

·       Unconditional self-love and assists in finding love for others

·       Gentleness

·       Emotional healing

·       Release of Stress

·       Uniting with the divine

Associated Chakra: Heart (4th)



·       Enhances physical stamina and energy

·       Maintaining effort through adversity

·       Manifestation of creative ideas

·       Abundance, luck and prosperity

Associated Chakra: Root (1st), Sexual/Sacral (2nd), Solar plexus (3rd)

Red Jasper

·       Physical strength

·       Vitality

·       Stabilization of one’s energies

·       Supports the rising of the kundalini energy

·       Release of shame and guilt around sexual issues

·       Healing from sexually violent experiences

Associated Chakra: Root (1st), Sexual/ Creative (2nd)

Black Tourmaline

·       Purification

·       Protection

·       Grounding

·       Aids in disengaging from obsessive and compulsive behavior

·       Purifies the body of toxins and waste

Associated Chakra: Root (1st)


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