What is the role of a postpartum Doula?

The postpartum time is also known as the "fourth trimester" because of how essential it is to support your body in its return from pregnancy, to a non-pregnant state. Many cultures observe the time after birth as sacred. In other parts of the world, it is common for an entire community to gather to support each birthing person during the first 6 weeks after birth by protecting the space around them from distraction, need and stress. It is all about the mom and baby bonding and recovering from an incredible journey. As a postpartum doula, my role is to serve as that community for you so that you can relax and recover and bond with your baby in a stress free environment.

Postpartum Doula Services


  • 24/7 Email/Text/Phone & Face Time support for up to 2 weeks postpartum 

  • Follow-up visits with the family (3 hours each visit)

  • Referral to other support providers when necessary

  • Light cleaning around the house (for deeper cleanings I can refer you a cleaning agency)

  • Meal Planning/Preparation/Grocery Shopping

  • Infant care (swaddling, bathing, soothing)

  • Bonding assistance

  • Errand runs

  • Holistic care education

  • Healing and Sealing Ceremony (What’s That?)

  • Emotional support for the entire family

  • Brief periods of childcare so that the parents can nap or take a short break

  • Postpartum Gift

Please see our ‘Pricing and Packages’ page to purchase this plan. Flexible payment plans are available as well as sliding scale options. Please send me an email and provide me with information about your situation. Everyone deserves a doula regardless of financial limitations, let’s work something out!