Antepartum Only Support

Antepartum Only Support

from 40.00

Prenatal in-person services are only available to CA residents. Face-time or Skype options are available in place of in person visits to non California residents.

On-going Support Package

Assistance in establishing a daily routine that focuses on well being, comfort and preparation for your new arrival(s).  I can assist with practical household assistance, light meal prep as well as provide emotional support not only during our visits but via phone or email as desired. $40/hr.

Bed Rest Consultation (One Time, Can be in person or virtual)

During this consultation, I will help assist you and your partner with strategies and techniques to minimize stress, maximize comfort and regain control. I will work with you and your partner to make a customized plan that will help ease the uncertainties during this challenging yet exciting time. 1.5 hr session $75.00

This package includes:

  • Creating a schedule and daily routines

  • Tips on caring for children during bed rest or with physical limitations

  • Relaxation options and techniques

  • Tips for supporting the birthing person

  • Resources for family

  • Assisting with personal questions or concerns

Creative Outlet Package (Can be in-person or virtual)

Are you on bed rest and looking for creative ways to channel your feelings? I will provide you with a meaningful project that will also help ease your anxiety and/or provide structure in your day  In a creative outlet session I will provide a variety of artistic projects to choose from.  All materials will be provided and modified to your desired work space as needed.  
$75.00 + materials

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