The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is our 5th chakra in our subtle body. It helps to keep the body well by bringing the energy of the atmosphere into our physical body in order to raise our vibrations. It is the first of our higher energy chakras and is the purifier of our energy that is headed to our Third Eye and Crown chakras.

When you are centered at the Throat Chakra, you are able to connect with deeper levels of the mind. Breathing exercises, chanting of prayers, and mantras help to enhance this connection to the higher chakras. Along with the spiritual connection, the Throat Chakra also allows for the sharing of your truth and ease of communication.

Signs of deficiency (slow chakra spin) in your Throat Chakra can look like:

  • Overfearful

  • Inconsistent

  • Unreliable

  • Speaking before Thinking

  • Trouble Speaking Truth

Signs of excessive energy (when the chakra spins too fast) in your Throat Chakra can look like:

  • Over-stimulated

  • Arrogant

  • Talking Excessively